Springer Mountain Farms Comes to Rize

Springer Mountain Farms Comes to Rize

First off, their tagline is “Great Care. Great Taste.” Second, they were the first poultry producer in the world to be endorsed by the American Humane Association. And third, they have over 40 years of chicken farming experience. Springer Mountain Farms is an example of excellence, and we couldn’t be prouder to get our chicken breast and wings from them.

Springer Mountain Farms is a local, family owned business located in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. They started by selling their chickens in the back room of their grocery store. And this is the part we absolutely love; they built their company on strong values and kindred relationships within the farming community. These are our kind of people.

Like Rize, they take great pride in what they do and are constantly looking to refine their techniques and practices to produce the best tasting chicken. From better ways to improve the health and care of their chickens to better ways to protect the environment, Springer Mountain Farms is the picture of passionate. Rize Pizza makes it our mission to work with companies that share our values. Springer Mountain Farms is one of those companies.

Learn more about Springer Mountain Farms here: http://www.springermountainfarms.com

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