Villa Maria Wineries

Villa Maria Wineries

Villa Maria wineries have done some truly inspired things for wine and the world since they were founded over 50 years ago. Their dedication to handcrafted, artisan and sustainable is why we knew had to partner with them.

Villa Maria started with a single man growing grapes on five acres of land leased from his father. That was in the 60s. Since then that one man band has grown to over 250 employees. Now they ship wines to over 50 countries.

Besides the fact that this is a great story of a self-made man who had the drive to become his best self, we love this passion for the land and for doing things the right way. A trait we at Rize value above most other things. At Villa Maria, sustainable practices aren’t just a “nice to have.” They are integrated fully as a living breathing part of the culture.

Villa Maria is BioGro organic certified. They measure their carbon emissions. They have an environmental management system that systematically reduces the environmental impact of their wine production. And their wine is award winning. Did we mention that? In short, we love them for not only what they put into their wine but what they don’t.

Rize and Villa Maria is a great match. With decades of success under their belt, we only hope to be able to accomplish the level of success that Villa Maria already has. Because it’s impressive.

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