Our Mission At Work

Our Mission At Work

At Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads, we are passionate about helping people craft their best life. It’s such an important part of our mission and we are so proud to share this mission with our partner, Create Your Dreams (CYD). CYD works tirelessly to make dreams a reality for the underserved youth and families of the Atlanta area.

CYD is a long-term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of students and their families in order to break them free from the generational poverty cycle. CYD provides resources, opportunities and relationships that children living below the poverty line need to reach their greatest potential. And their success rate is beyond impressive. Of the students who complete the program, 100% graduate from high school; 98% go on to a post-secondary program; 80% of those in a post-secondary program earn their degree or are working toward completion; and 40% who earn their Bachelors continue on to earn their Masters. It’s beyond successful. It’s simply amazing.

What began in 1994 as a summer camp for 20 students living in the Perry Homes area, one of Atlanta’s poorest communities, quickly evolved into a year-round, second home and support system for children and their families. Our students come from communities of joblessness, crime, high school dropouts, drug use and teenage pregnancy.

Create Your Dreams provides students with the support they need to break this cycle. They truly believe in the potential of every person and have made it their mission to invest in their personal and long-term well-being on their journey to achieving their best self. Now, that’s how you create change in this world. Bravo Create Your Dreams, we couldn’t be more proud to support you and our shared mission.

Learn more about Create Your Dreams here. It’s worth the time.

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